LakeClan is a clan of the forest. They live near the water, and loves to swim and catch fish. LakeClan is very much like RiverClan.



  • Diamondstar - Very fluffy, slender silver tabby and white she-cat with stripes that represent diamonds, and bright shining blue eyes that shine like the actual gem. Rped by Crystal.


  • Eclipsemoon- Pale ginger-cream she-cat with Darker ginger stripes and golden eyes with a hint of amber in them. Roleplayed by Silver.

Medicine CatEdit

  • Dappledthorn - Small, skinny, thin furred, mottled golden brown tom with brown dapples, and huge, deep, bright blue eyes. Likes toms instead of she-cats. Rped by CH

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

  • TBD




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